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About Us

‘JAVA’ is a combination of our children’s names ‘Jack & Ava’. 
We are a husband-and-wife team, Nick and myself, Martha. Together we owned and ran a pub for eight years. I have many years’ experience hosting events all over the country and I currently work with local venues either hosting tipis or providing mobile bars and event management with Prestige Bars & Event Management (our sister company).

By trade, Nick is a physiotherapist (good for when we all have a bad back after a hard day’s graft!) and I was working constantly with my businesses in event management and running a mobile bar company. Basically, juggling work with family life but trying our best to get our businesses up and running to enable us to have a better work / life balance.


We decided we wanted to get out of the mundane rat race and get to the point when we could enjoy our working life together (along with roping the kids in) and to create a happy medium for all of us.
Cue, buying the tipis!

A scary idea but we have now finally reached the point when we are mainly working May-October with a few jobs in between. It’s all about a life balance for us, not an epic conveyor belt of weddings & events. Each event is as personal to us as it is to you.

Nick loves a building project and is often making our tables and benches or creating a new bar or love seat. He’s always creating new designs!

I owned an event management company for 8 years and picked out all of the bits over the years that I loved and enjoyed and in the process worked out what I thought worked and what didn’t. Our ethos when it comes to weddings is that we appreciate how expensive they can be so with our experience and expertise, we work with you and your budget to create the best, most affordable day for you. We will give you money saving tips and we recommend the best suppliers that you would need for your perfect day. We don’t take any commission from these guys, we just want to work with people who we love, know and trust and in turn, give you the best, most memorable day possible.

JAVA Tipis was born out of our love for camping under the stars, family holidays in Pembrokeshire (and there are a lot of us - I have three siblings and they all have children and none of us like to miss out. So anywhere one goes, the rest go!) 
So tipis are, to us, the most enchanting place in which to celebrate a special event.


Why Choose Us


We love to be able to help you as couples and enjoy being part of your wedding adventure.

Outside of the tipis we also do pretty much anything else wedding related! And if we can’t do it, we will know someone who can……

We have been in events management for nearly 10 years and we can help with all aspects of your wedding.  

We have an extensive list of suppliers including caterers, entertainments, photographers, florists, stationers…. We aim to help you keep within your budget and also to help you save money wherever we can. Our suppliers often offer us favourable rates which we always pass on to you - we do not take commission from anyone. If clients book with us and also have Prestige mobile bar we provide the event management FREE OF CHARGE. This allows you to enjoy the day and takes the stress away from yourselves.

The event management also includes us helping you from the very early stages of your wedding plans, helping with suppliers, itineraries and budget, along with money saving tips should you require this. With Prestige Bars we can create you a bespoke list outside of their usual stock list should you wish to have particular products on the bar. This also includes all glassware. The paying mobile bar is initially added in free of charge with the tipi quote. If you wanted the stand alone bar, for you to supply your own alcohol, there would be a charge for the structure.

We always ask that you come back to us if you have a comparable quote as we will  try and price match where we can. We do offer a bespoke service.

We have a stock list of decor for the tipis, including table decoration, that we happily loan to our couples just asking that if anything gets damaged it is replaced. They don’t need too much in the way of decor as they are so decorative in themselves. With a marquee, you would need to consider all decor internally including items such as tablecloths.

We can also provide chill out furniture, electric wooden wheels for items like cards, guestbooks, milk churns for flowers. We have ‘Keep Cosy’ blankets, lanterns, crates, beer baths, tiki torches, garden furniture, all sorts really and we always offer these at an agreeable rate should you be interested. Our aim after working in the industry for such a long time is to be able to provide a ‘one stop’ idea where we can provide couples with everything that they should need when planning a wedding, as for some people it can feel like such a daunting task.

With reference to the tipi quote we also have the panoramic panels and doors should you wish to add them in if the weather isn’t great. These prices are shown on the extras sheet.

We are always more than happy to chat on the phone or come and meet you to chat about how we may be able to help you. The ground at your chosen site needs to be relatively flat and we would need a site visit to check access for ourselves. 

In short, we can do as little (just the tipis) or as much as you like to alleviate any stress from yourselves.

Our quote includes a damage waiver but should you provide us with proof of your own wedding insurance then this can be taken out.


Once you’ve decided you like our ethos and want to work with us, we then start to send you all of our suppliers’ details based on sitting with you and finding out your wants and needs. We also send you a budget sheet with all things wedding and an example itinerary of how your day might run. We will sit with you and advise you on what will work and perhaps what may not, for example timings. Our expertise and experience, built over the years, means we will help save you money, a bit here and there, in ways you may not have considered.

We can provide you with a self-sufficient venue with just the tipis by hiring in the generator, outside toilets and catering tents. We always pass on our favourable rates with suppliers. 

Nick and Martha 

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